What is This?

You ask with baited breath, not knowing whether or not this blog is worth your time. You see the author’s name, ‘Rafindra Setiawan’? What a strange name… He can’t be a westerner, but then again his English is pretty good so he could be an immigrant. You see the tagline and laugh, What a pretentious asshole you thought to yourself. He probably thinks he’s the next big thing.

But what does he mean by Writing? Well he’s probably an aspiring author of fiction trying to build a following online before he publishes. What does he mean by Travel? Oh I bet he just wishes he could travel, if only he had the money. Politics? Pssh, he probably supports the other guy.

Reading this introduction, you have two things on your mind; mutually contradictory (but then again the best thoughts are always so). First, this is pretty trippy, maybe this guy know what he’s doing after all. Second, your initial impression is reinforced; this guy is definitely pretentious, probably all fat and no protein (what a strange thought process you have). But if he hooked you for this long… maybe he deserves your time?

Welcome dear reader, my name is Rafindra Setiawan and if I could just have a moment of your time, I promise that you’ll end up doing one of two things:

  1. Laughing
  2. Continue Reading

Who knows. Maybe you’ll do both?

But you’ll definitely do all of these things:

  1. Follow me on Quora
  2. Instagram
  3. and of course, this blog.

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